Terms of Rentals

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Rental Conditions

We would like to thank you for booking your car rental with our compny “My Car Rentals”. To confirm your reservation please proceed to a payment of a 25% of the amount as a deposit. The deposit is fully refundable in case of cancellation prior to 10 days before the agreed delivery of your car.

  • AGE REQUIREMENTS: The driver should be over 25 years old and up to 72 years old. In case you are over 72 years old an extra procedure takes place. Please let us know in advance (before your arrival) and we will inform you accordingly.
  • DRIVING LICENSE: All the drivers must have a clean, full and valid driving license with them. The license must be written on English/Latin letters as well and must be held minimum two years. Is a necessary document that you should have at the time we do the contract. All drivers who live outside European Union must hold the International Driving License as well, which has to be also valid. In case of a police control, those who are Non Citizens of the European Union who do not hold the International Driving License as well will get a fine of 1000,00€. A fine of 1000,00 € will be given to the car rental company as well.
  • FUEL: The car is delivered in full tank and is expected to be returned in full. Otherwise will be an extra charge.
  • DELIVERY – COLLECTION: The delivery and collection of the car is free of charge to Kalamata, at the Airport of Kalamata, Kardamili Messinian Mani, Stoupa Messinian Mani, Agio Nikolao Messinian Mani and Agio Dimitrio Messinian Mani. Car delivery / collection elsewhere in Messinia, in Peloponnese as well as to Athens is possible with an extra charge.
  • RENTAL PERIOD: The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Every hour in excess is charged of the standard daily rate.
  • TRAFFIC FINES: Fines and their consequences caused by traffic violations are under the responsibility of the renter.
  • EXTRA CHARGES: For delivery / collection of the car out of working hours (22:00 – 07:00) there is an extra cost of 25€ per car.
  • INSURANCE: The cost of the standard/basic insurance is included in the rental price. The driver/client is responsible for the first 600€ + taxes for the car categories A,B and C, for the first 800€ + taxes for the car categories D +D1, and 1200€ +taxes for the car category F, if the damage of the car costs up to 2.000€. If the cost of the damage exceeds the 2000€ then the driver/client is responsible to cover the 30% of the cost + taxes where applicable.
  • TAX: The daily rates include all taxes.
  • ADDITIONAL DRIVER: The charge for additional driver is 3€ per day.
  • IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT: In case of an accident you should call:
    1. The police (+30) 27210 73 209, 100
    2. The company (+30) 27210 64 150, (+30) 6936778127
  • TYPE OF A CAR: The Company has the right to change the type of the car and provide you another one in the same category.
  • GPS: “My Car Rentals” can provide you with a GPS for an extra cost of 5€ per GPS per day. Please ask in advance.
  • SNOW CHAINS: There is an extra cost of 8€ per day for the rental of snow chains. We need a 24 hours notice.
  • CHILD SEATS: Child seats can be supplied to you from “My Car Rentals” for an extra cost of 4,00€ per seat per day. We just need the childs’ age and weight in order to provide you the correct type.
  • METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept the following methods of payment:Credit Card, Debit Card, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Bank Deposit, Cash.
  • RENTAL BEYOND THE BOARDERS: The use of our cars abroad is NOT ALLOWED.
  • TRAVEL BY BOAT: Is allowed only with the written permission of the Company.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of cancellation up to ten (10) days prior to delivery of the car the deposit is fully refundabe. In case of cancellation less than ten (10) days prior to delivery the deposit is non refundable. If the client does not appear on the agreed delivery day, time and place, a 30% of the total rental amount will be charged.
    What is NOT covered by the insurance:
    1. Any damages caused to the lower part of the car and tires.
    2. Any damages caused while the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    3. Any damages caused to the interior of the car such as burns and big stains.
    4. The company is not responsible for the theft of any personal items.
    5. Accidents caused when the driver has NOT been declared in the rental contract.
    6. Any damage caused if the driver has been violated traffic rules.