Kyparissia is the third largest city of Messinia, after the capital of the prefecture of Kalamata and Messene.

In the last population census conducted in 2011, the Municipality of KYPARISSIAS was 7.728 inhabitants [1] It is situated in a panoramic position – stretches from the foothills of Mount Aegaleo, also known as the “Cold”, by the waters of the Ionian.

It is the capital and seat of the municipality Trifylia. It is 255 km. West of Athens, 63 km N. From Pyrgos, 100 km. Southwest of Tripoli, 67 km NW. from Kalamata and 74 km. B. Methoni. The story is great and consistent with that of the Peloponnese.

The beginnings lost in the mists of prehistory. In Homeric times Kyparissia called “Kyparissientas” and belonged to the kingdom of Pylos, King Nestor. Indeed the Trojan War the Kyparissientas sent 11 ships under the command of Nestor, according to Homer.

Later the area was enslaved to the Spartans along with the rest of Messinia. The Kyparissientas was a thriving cultural, financial and commercial city. Indeed, in 199 BC cut its own currency. Many were interested in the city’s strategic position throughout the centuries: In place of the ancient Acropolis was built castle during Byzantine times (typically one tower was known as the “Tower of Justinian”), then the Turks and Franks conquerors rebuilt the fort making the necessary additions giving it its present form.

During the Ottoman rule, Arcadia, as it was called in the Middle Ages Kyparissia, had a privileged position as a commercial center of the region and its castle manned guard 300 Algerians.

The current name is due to Otto. Kiparissia discovered tombs of the Classical and Roman era, while the peak of Mount Cold there Frankish Castle.

Source: Wikipedia

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